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With experience spanning many industries, we are equipped to offer practical advice, useful experience, and hands-on help in multiple arenas of business and corporate law as you navigate the uncertainties and risks associated with business management.  From entity creation - to review and negotiation of business contracts and agreements - through execution of exit strategies, our goal is to help you create and maintain a profitable business.


As our larger clients can attest, one of the biggest disadvantages entrepreneurs and small businesses face is not having a team of experts ready to advise and counsel them.  Most businesses simply hope they can handle legal matter themselves and avoid having to deal with attorneys.  Unfortunately, your suppliers, vendors, competitors, and counterparts in transactions have attorneys advising them - you should, too.


Only after the fact do many small business owners learn the hard lesson that fixing a bad deal always costs more than handling it properly in the first place.  The most successful entrepreneurs “know what they do not know” and fill those gaps with experts.  To help you manage your costs and profitability, we offer flat fee pricing for most of our services.  Visit our Client Resources page for more information.



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